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Refund & Delivery Policy


Entry Fees: Entry fees are refundable up through the stated entry deadline for a given competition, and are not refundable thereafter.  Each of our awards programs has an entry deadline before which entry fees are refundable.  Check the "Summary of the Rules & Regulations of the Competition" document of the particular competition, available in that competition's online Entry Kit, for that competition's relevant deadline.

Event Ticket Fees: Monies paid for event tickets are refundable up through a date stated on that event's Ticket Order Form, and are not refundable thereafter.  This date is typically three full business days before the date of the event, but it may vary by event.

Sponsorships: Sponsorship fees may or may not be refundable, depending on the terms negotiated between the Sponsor and Stevie Awards, Inc. and spelled out in the Sponsorship Agreement prepared for Sponsor by Stevie Awards.

Merchandise: Monies paid for merchandise such as duplicate awards and awards-presentation DVDs are not refundable.


Event Tickets: Tickets for all Stevie Awards events are held at door for pickup.  All ticket orders are confirmed by email.

Merchandise:  Delivery terms for duplicate awards and other merchandise are 6-8 weeks from date of order.